Surviving School Break at Home with Your Kids

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and many references to wine.

The joy of having school-age children…finally, a place to send your kid every day. For free!

A place where he is out of your hair for eight consecutive hours, spending time with his friends and learning.

But what happens when it’s holiday time?

Suddenly, you have a week (or more!) of your child at home with you. Staring at you. Telling you he’s bored. Complaining he’s hungry. Whining that he doesn’t, in fact, want to watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

What’s  a mom to do? Spray some Chill Pill, take a deep breath, and relax. I’ve got you covered.

Here are seven tips to surviving school break at home with your kids.

1. Surprise them with “new” toys. After your kids have unwrapped all their gifts and left a mountain of crumpled paper and bows for you to clean up, sneak a present or two that they just got into the hall closet. Then when boredom sets in around Hour 3 of Day 1, you can pull out these secret weapon toys. Guaranteed to get you at least 20 minutes to peacefully finish your reheated coffee. Note: may not work on older children who keep track of each gift they got and immediately hoard in their room.

2. Stay hydrated. You’re not used to having your kids home from school for ten consecutive days. It’s an endurance event. Properly hydrate: coffee, water, wine, repeat.

3. Don’t get dressed. Hey kids! Ever heard of Pajama Day? Guess what– it’s Pajama Week! They’ll love it.

4. Schedule play dates. There are three types of acceptable play dates in this instance…

A) The one where you drop your kid off at someone else’s house. BOOM. Free couple hours for you.

B) The one where someone else drops a kid off at your house. BOOM. Your kid is occupied for a few hours.

C) The one where your friend comes over with her kid(s) and you drink wine while your kids are locked in a safe play room together. This is called a Boozy Play Date.

5. Have wine on hand. Lots. See Tip #2. Consider purchasing this to make life easier.

6. Get out of the house. Check the Mom2MomNJ calendar first for ideas of where to go. But remember to get out of your pajamas first and be back in time for…

7. Required Mandatory Nap Time every day. If your kid doesn’t nap anymore, then just call it “Quiet Time.” Either way, they must stay in their rooms for a minimum of one hour, but preferably two. Mama needs time to catch up on her Bravo.

Good luck and happy holidays!

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