Remember the days of your youth spent at the roller rink? I can think back fondly to the weekends I spent perfecting my backwards skate, hoping for a couples only skate, and racing in circles in hopes to win that free large soda! Well, gone are the days of just roller skating. Now you can have all that same fun with even more added excitement!

This past weekend I had my son’s 5th birthday party at International Sports, Skating and Fun Center in Mt. Laurel. In searching for places to have his party I wanted something different then just the usual one activity party spot. ISC was the perfect fit! They have options for your party that include: Skating, Bounce House Play, Fun Zone, Turf Field Sports Parties, and an Arcade! See their party pages here for more info: Party Info and Sports Party Info

When we arrived at the party we were quickly greeted by one of the many friendly staff members. We had a designated spot near the front to greet our guests as they came in.
We were even provided with popcorn and drinks while we waited for everyone to arrive.

The kids have free play with whichever activities you have chosen for the party, so ours started in the Fun Zone. This is one of those huge play areas filled with slides and climbing things. I think our group of 5 year olds could have easily spent the entire time in here! There was a ton to do and hearing them laugh and make up adventures while playing was the cutest! 

Next we moved onto Adventure Alley, which consists of two bounce slides. The kids took turns running up and sliding down and had a blast. This area along with all of the areas at ISC are monitored by a staff member. This made for much more organized play then if they had been able to just go crazy. I was happy with that! 

From here we were called into the party room for pizza and cake. Everything was there for us, all we had to do was provide the cake. The staff at ISC handled everything else! They served the pizza and drinks, cut the cake, and even kept our presents all in one spot to make for a much easier time packing up! I loved this! I was able to enjoy the birthday boy and my guests and didn’t have any stresses. 

After cake we moved onto the skating part of our party! They offer both roller skates or rollerblades for each guest. Parents are allowed to go onto the rink with no skates, so this helps make it easier for those new skaters just learning. They also offer a triangular bar on wheels that the kids can use to help hold them up as they learn to skate. Renting these bars does cost $4 and is not included in the party package. What I did was have ISC keep track of who was using them and as the host I paid the fee. I didn’t want my guests having to pay for anything during the party.  

We ended our party in the arcade using the tokens that each guest was provide as part of our package. The kids had a blast playing games, earning tickets and of course turing them in for prizes! My little guy even got a chance to go in the ticket machine for 30 seconds and earn extra tickets! He loved it! 


I chose International Sports, Skating and Fun Center for my 5 year olds party because I know that kids this age love running around, changing activities, and being able to keep them entertained can be hard. ISC had it all and my son left saying, “Mom, that was so much fun, right?” I couldn’t have agreed with him more! 

The staff were great and very on top of every aspect of the party. I would highly recommend International Sports, Skating and Fun Center for your next party! For more information be sure to visit their website HERE. 

Founder of Mom2MomNJ