I wake with her because I can…
For the last 2.5 years I have been awaken every night to the cries of my youngest daughter. I don’t often complain. I mean besides the occasionally joke to my friends and the need for a coffee in the late afternoon.
Sometimes I feel like it bothers others more then it bothers me.
“Let her cry!”
“Don’t pick her up!”
“You’ve made this a habit!”
This is what I hear and I 100% agree!
Yet I continue to wake with her because I can…
Two years after we said I do, we had to accept that we wouldn’t.
We wouldn’t ever hold that first baby that God had intended to be ours.
One year later we were blessed with our son and vowed to follow every rule to have the perfect baby.
And he was….and he is.
Two years later as we tried to grow our family we found out we wouldn’t…again.
Year six of our marriage we were excited with the news of twins.
Yet only one baby joined our family then.
So still 2.5 years later as I wake each night to the cries of my daughter I do it…
Because I can.
I am the lucky one, through all of that pain and loss, that still gets to hold my sweet baby.
Often I feel that I need her just as much as she needs me in the middle of those nights.
She’s my reminder of how truly blessed I am.
So with that said, I will still wake with her for as long as she needs me…
Because I can.
Thank God I can.