Recently I was invited to preview The Melting Pot Maple Shade’s Summer menu. If you haven’t been yet, you really need to check it out! The owners Mike and Kim are two of the nicest people I know. They truly take that corporate feel out of the restaurant and make everyone feel like part of the Melting Pot Family!
Another special thing to note about this new Maple Shade location is the openness and brightness compared to other locations. They did not miss a beat when decorating and the layout is perfect for any occasion. They even refer to themselves as Melting Pot 2.0, “New Decor, New Menu, But Same Old Fun!” With all this space they are now hosting many special events, including Girls Nights, Kids Events, Canvas Painting Parties and more! Be sure to follow them on Facebook HERE so you won’t miss all the upcoming fun. (There are two princess events happening this Summer and a painting event!)
Also during my preview I discovered that Melting Pot is not just for dinner! They offer an awesome Happy Hour! Both the cheese and chocolate fondues are offered at $5 every weekday from 4-6pm. I can’t wait to meet some friends for a quick happy hour, especially since we were able to sample all six of their Summer cocktails. Out of all six, there wasn’t one I didn’t love, but my two favorite were the Austin City Lemonade and the Desert Heat (don’t let the name scare you, every person there was pleasantly surprised at how much they loved this one!)


Although I loved all the drinks I was really there to preview the “Fondue Across America” menu and I can honestly say it was FANTASTIC! It is described as a road trip for your tastebuds from the Big Easy to the Big Apple where you will taste some of  America’s favorite flavors along the way!  Think Chicago’s famous deep-dish pizza, New England’s signature lobster roll, Louisiana’s southern flavors and more!
This Four Course Meal is offered at $39.95 per person and has something for everyone. It starts with a Chicago deep dish pizza cheese fondue. Next up is the lobster roll salad with the best dressing I’ve ever had!  The two entrées offered are a gumbo inspired spicy platter and a southern home friend plate where you get to add the breadcrumbs and tempura to your liking. You then finish off with a New York Cheesecake chocolate fondue topped with graham cracker crumbs!
You can see the entire”Fondue Across America” menu HERE and remember this will only be offered through August.
Just like everything at the Melting Pot Maple Shade the menu can all be changed to your liking. They are probably the most accommodating restaurant around. If you want to change something up a bit or even trade out an option for something else they will do it. Just ask!
My Faves: Everything we tasted was fantastic, but my personal favorite was the coconut-cilantro-lime shrimp, I was seriously stealing some from the people around me. Another fave was the lobster roll salad. I don’t even like salad, but this comes with the four courses and I’m so glad I tried it. I was practically licking the plate to get that dressing! The deep dish pizza fondue dipped with the new pretzel nuggets was a no brainer. Who doesn’t love anything that tastes just like eating pizza? I also loved the new sriracha lime dipping sauce, spicy, but delicious. I will be back to the Melting Pot before the end of the Summer to have all this again, I can’t wait!
One last fun fact about the Maple Shade location is that they are one of the only Melting Pots to offer a cooked menu. Known as “FonDONE”, this is where all of your favorite meats are prepared for you in the kitchen and brought to your table already cooked. This is such a great idea!
There truly is somehting for everyone at The Melting Pot Maple Shade!  Be sure to check it out for your next happy hour, family dinner or special occasion! -Sandy