A few weeks ago Goldfish Swim School reached out to Mom2MomNJ and asked us to come check them out. My 7 year old Tyler already knows how to swim and my 4 year old daughter Cami has been fighting me on swim lessons over the past few months. In past Summers the struggle to get her to cooperate during lessons was so hard that I wasn’t even going to sign her up for lessons this year.

With that said, the bright colors and newness of this facility drew me in and I was curious to find out more. I mean how adorable is this place?!


The first lesson was just for Cami. She was hesitant all the way up until we got there, but that changed as soon as we walked in. It reminds you of an indoor tropical resort! It’s big, open, bright and appealing to kids and adults alike. Right away she was excited, but during that first lesson her old habits from previous swim lessons came through. She wouldn’t even let the instructor pour water over her head.  At the end she did receive a ribbon and seemed very excited about that, but as we walked out I’ll be honest and say that I wasn’t sure these lessons would be any different from others in the past.


The next week I decided to bring her big brother Tyler along. He already can swim, but Goldfish Swim School offers instruction for all levels. He’s now in a Glider class learning actual swimming techniques like backstroke, freestyle and windmill. Eventually he can advance to learning the USA freestyle with side breathing, USA backstroke, simple butterfly and simple breaststroke. With the Olympics approaching he’s super excited about this! Look at him go!

Another thing I love about Goldfish Swim School is the facility itself. It’s SO clean, they have simple activities to keep the kids busy before their lesson and they even offer very inexpensive snacks. Inside the pool area is a row of showers and soap where the kids can rinse off right after their lesson. Then they head over to the changing rooms and vanity stations to finish cleaning up.  Our lessons are at night, so I have the kids shower up and put on their PJ’s before we leave.  I love it!

The videos below are of Cami at her third lesson. This is the same girl who wouldn’t let her hair get wet at her first lesson.  To say I was amazed is an understatement. When I posted this on Instagram other moms agreed that for their kids Goldfish has just “clicked”. It’s amazing to see such a change in such a short time!

Goldfish Swim School is a franchise, meaning they have a set curriculum that each instructor follows for every single student. It’s a proven technique that as you can tell above works! Both of my kids are excited to go back each week and I can say without a doubt that I highly recommend Goldfish Swim School!

Goldfish Swim School also offers Family Swim for only $5 a person and up to $15 a family throughout the week and they also throw Birthday Parties!

To find out more be sure to follow them on Facebook (they hosts lots of contests) Goldfish Swim School Mt. Laurel Facebook.  Also check out their website HERE. -Sandy