Is Bullying A Problem For Your Children?

I know the first time I saw my little guy getting picked on at the playground it took everything in me not to freak out at those “bullies”. With that said as a former teacher I knew to step back and watch to see if he knew the right ways to handle the situation. Proudly I watched as he turned and walked away, saying he’d find some nice kids to play with!

Talking with my son about how to handle situations like this has always been in the forefront of my parenting. We do a lot of role play and talking about situations like the one above. When I heard about the Cool Kind Kid® program I knew it would be something I would love to introduce my kids to.  I have always felt it was best to be proactive instead of reactive and giving my kids the tools to handle bullies and to see what bullying looks is very important to me.


We checked it out this past weekend and the kids and I loved it! There are songs to listen to, games to play, role playing, stories and more! We have a more to go through and I want to do a little each day with them both, but so far we are loving this program!

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Bullying is the #2 epidemic in the US.  Schools and parents are frustrated that there haven’t been  solutions that work.  Cool Kind Kid® is an educational curricula for schools that now has NEW products for parents to help young children learn the social skills tools needed to reject bullying. The program includes fun music, characters, and activities, making it a fun activity for both the parents and kids!


The first of a series of Cool Kind Kid® retail/parent products are now available.  The Bullying Prevention Parent/Child Resource Kit, [1st of 5], offers fun tools for parents to help their children reject bullying.  Most products in the kit are available separately, including 3 books in hard copy and digital formats.  See all products at www.CoolKindKid.com.  Cool Kind Kid Special Discount –
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