Founding Mom

My name is Sandy and I am the Founder of Mom2MomNJ. I am the proud mother of a five year old boy and a two year old girl!  When I first decided to leave my teaching career to stay home with my son, I found myself constantly searching for things to do with him during the day that wouldn’t break the bank. While at local playgrounds, I  began talking to other moms and found that they too were always on the hunt for fun stuff to do with their kids.  I started to look around more earnestly, and that is how the very first calendar was started! I shared this calendar with some other mom friends who, in turn, passed it along to their friends. Soon I received an email from a friend of a friend that read, “This has helped me so much! You have made it all so easy to find!” I realized then that many other moms could benefit from not only the calendar but also the sharing of all sorts of information, basically turning our playground chatter into an online community where we can all share from Mom2Mom!

Calendar Moms

My name is Stephanie, otherwise known as Riley and Owen’s Mommy, and I am the Camden and Gloucester County Calendar Mom. I have been described as a stay at home mom who rarely stays at home. Since my three year old was very little I have enjoyed taking her to a variety of classes and all of the activities and attractions that South Jersey and Philadelphia have to offer. It was on one of these outings that I ran into Sandy and quickly realized that we share the same passions of showing our children the world and helping other moms along the way. I was a librarian in my former life, so when she asked me to help research events for the calendars, it was a natural fit. My hands are a little more full these days now that I have a toddler and an infant, but I still try to get out and explore with them as often as possible.


My name is Jennifer, and I am the Atlantic/Cape May/Cumberland Counties Calendar Mom. My husband and I were blessed with our first and only child, Jack after 13 years of marriage! I stumbled across Mom2MomNJ via Facebook shortly after the site began. As an older parent, Mom2MomNJ has been an invaluable tool to assist me with locating child-friendly activities and acquiring old-fashioned parenting advice! My days and nights revolve around raising my son. I have been employed in public education for twenty years as a teacher, learning consultant, and a supervisor of special education. However, there has been no greater joy or reward in my life than becoming a mother. It certainly is an honor and my life’s legacy. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking for my family, gardening and spending time “down the shore” in Ocean City, New Jersey.

Advertising Moms

My name is Heather and I am one of the Advertising Reps for Mom2MomNJ. I grew up and currently live in South Jersey and attended college at Rowan University where I got a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations in 2003. I am a full time working mom to a handsome 6 year old boy and 1 year old baby girl. Working full time, I really want to utilize my weekends to do fun things with my children and Mom2MomNJ has given me the best avenue to find everything in one place. I am truly honored to be a part of the most amazing team of dedicated moms.